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Quick Food & Beverage Tips

  • Time To Consume A Meal
  • Average Break Consumption
  • Keep Your Meals On Track
  • How long should you allow for people to consume their food? (This does not include standing in line if it’s a buffet)

       Breakfast: 30 – 40 minutes:
       Lunch: 45-60 minutes
       Dinner: 20 minutes per course
       Breaks: 15 minutes for 100 people – consider 30-45 minute breaks for conferences with 1,000 or more attendees

  • How much do people consume during a break?

    Typically 2 cups of coffee/tea per person for the morning break and one cup of coffee/tea or soda for the afternoon break. 15-minute morning breaks may require less per person.

  • How do I keep my meal function from running over time?

    You have ordered inventive, amazing food from a well-known chef, you have set a beautiful room and the band is a perfect fit for the overall atmosphere of your event. Now…if that speaker on the stage would just wrap it up and let people enjoy the evening! From long-winded speakers to slow food service, here are a few tips for avoiding key event-killers.

    A good Emcee can help keep things on time. Speak to all presenters ahead of time to communicate the expectations regarding time limits, presentation style, etc. Consider representing award presentations or speeches via video that can be shot and edited prior to the event so you have better control over the time.

    Consider one server per table especially for more formal functions. There is typically an extra cost (most facilities provide 1 server for every 2 tables), but if time is tight, it might be well worth it to ensure the event runs smoothly and on time.

    Provide one bartender for every 75-100 people to keep lines to a minimum for a longer event (2 hours or more). For shorter events especially receptions, consider adding additional if your budget can accommodate.


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