In a recent study of exhibition and convention executives, 66% reported their top challenge is growing attendance. Only 47% of organizers feel their attendance will grow in the coming months.  (Source: ECEF Pulse 2019 by Lippman Connects and Freeman Research and Survey.) See the Executive Summary Here

While event marketers routinely face challenges to growing attendance from competing events, industry consolidation, and other common factors, the overwhelming distractions associated with today’s increasingly digital world only increase those challenges to growth. Savviness in multiple areas of marketing strategy is necessary for success including digital, data analytics, and enhanced customer experience.  And since many marketers have responsibilities outside of their marketing duties, especially in smaller organizations, staying at the forefront is not easy.

Sometimes, going back to a simple principle can help refocus and reenergize a campaign without additional resources. While many things need to work together to create a successful marketing program, there is one area that can almost always impact an entire campaign.


Well-timed promotions can break through the noise and distractions if your prospect receives communications when they are expecting to receive it, when they want to receive it or when they need to receive it.

A direct mail promotion followed by an email offer within 2 weeks makes it easy for the attendee to take the next step after you have already piqued their interest. 

When a prospect from your target audience has just made the commitment to join your event, immediately send them a coupon for a discount they can send to a colleague.  Not only does that improve your potential growth, it potentially provides your attendee an improved cost-effective experience (e.g. reduced overall fees, shared travel, etc.)

Carefully coordinating the timing of your marketing initiatives to the behavior and actions of your attendees is always an essential core tactic to generate interest and registrations from your audience.

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