At Anber we don’t just support the general aviation industry, we also enjoy the benefits of GA flying for both work and personal travel.  General aviation makes things possible that would otherwise be impossible or at the very least inconvenient.  A flight by Anber staff to visit family over the holidays is a prime example.

As we all know, the Christmas season can be hectic.  There are year-end deadlines at work, parties to attend, gifts to purchase, and family and friends to visit.  With all that occurring and a narrow window of time to make a last-minute, post-Christmas dinner gathering with family three states away – along with added pressure to return in time for commitments at home the following day – we weighed the options for travel from our home base in Central Maryland to Northeast Ohio.   Ten hours in the car on the PA and OH Turnpikes just wasn’t going to fit the tight window of time, and last-minute commercial flights would be expensive and inconvenient (no need to mention how much fun airport security is around holidays!) 

Unfortunately, the day prior to the dinner held mostly IFR (instrument flight rules) conditions across the PA highlands which meant the VFR-only (visual flight rules) planes we fly wouldn’t work.  But, the following day was looking promising for VFR conditions all the way, so we booked a plane and made a plan.  Of course, this plan required that we’d fly up and back in the same day, not nearly as daunting a task as driving up and back same day.  We’d get up early, pack the gifts for the nieces and nephews, get airborne with plenty of time to arrive before the early dinner, and get back in the air for the trip home before it got too late.  Having GA airports within 15 minutes of our house and only 20 minutes from our Ohio family makes these trips easy.

As we headed to the airport the next morning, the weather briefing was still reporting marginal VFR and IFR along our route and at our destination…mostly low fog that was expected to clear with the warmth of the sun.  So, after a little time-killing hangar talk at the airport, conditions improved, and we were able to eventually make it to our family’s house for the visit.  Although our time together was short, we would’ve missed Christmas with our family completely if not for the convenience and accessibility that General Aviation provides.   We’ve missed many get togethers, birthdays and other special occasions over the years.  Now with access to four planes through our local airport flying club, it makes the distance seem smaller and participation in the important events much more feasible.  We look forward to greater access to family get-togethers and other events and activities that are just a short GA flight away! 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year,

Dave & Andrea Berry

Anber Agency

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