Flying to Williamsburg-Jamestown airport (KJGG) from our small hometown airport in Westminster, MD (Clearview Airpark, 2W2) on the Friday after Thanksgiving, we had a wonderfully calm, scenic flight with Dave piloting the aircraft and my brother trying his hand at the controls for the first time. However, we unexpectedly got a flat tire upon landing. While we awaited help from our faithful flying club compadres, we rented a car and drove the 3 miles into Colonial Williamsburg. Already partially decorated for Christmas, people were taking advantage of the historic village with its popular ice rink and old-fashioned dining fare. Just a few miles from downtown Williamsburg we scoped out the Kingsmill Resort – which seems like a perfect holiday getaway for families; they’ll even place a Christmas tree in your room or condo! Before heading back to the airport, we ordered dinner from Food for Thought – a fun, thought-provoking restaurant with philosopher quotes scattered across the walls. Even with the flat tire, we were back in the air and home at 2W2 before 10 pm thanks to two flying club members who flew a replacement tire to Williamsburg.

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